Faith Amber
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by Robin's Nest

Faith Amber is approximately three years old. She is a former stray that came to us on Easter Sunday, very, very ill. She was emaciated and weak. In addition, she had pyometria, an infection in her uterus. She had emergency surgery to remove her uterus and because of her weakened state, it took her several weeks to recover. Happily, she is now healthy and ready to find a home. Won't you give Faith Amber a happy ending to the sad beginning of her life? Robin’s Nest Rescued Cat Adoptions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to end the cat over-population crisis in the Capital District. We are fortunate to have the adoption center at the Niskayuna Petsmart in Mohawk Commons on Balltown Road in Niskayuna. Our adoption hours are Monday – Friday 6 to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday noon to 4 pm. 518-868-9935, Submitted May 16, 2007
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