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Enroute to Taconic Hills High School l was able to take this picture from the bus at one of our bus stops.
Tyler Van Alstyne
December 20, 2014

This was taken December 12th, along the road that leads to Lock 7.
Lauren DiScipio
December 20, 2014

I took this outside my home in Latham, NY.  The snow was falling on our grill, and this little snowflake was standing up perfectly!
Lauren DiScipio
December 20, 2014

A productive outcome of a snow day!
December 11, 2014

Capital Hills with one of my favorite outdoors companions.
Silvia Meder Lilly
December 11, 2014

taken in an albany playground
December 11, 2014

My husband and I just moved here in mid October.  The wagon was hand made by my husband and a gift to me one Christmas.  We placed it in our back yard, and the Thanksgiving snow covered it beautifully.
Jill Edwards
December 9, 2014

Sign of Winter.  Blue Jay & Woodpecker at the Bird Feeder
Fred Allison
December 6, 2014

Early morning around the lake
Sean Noonan
November 29, 2014

I walk my dogs in Washington Park every day and the Thanksgiving snow storm made the lake very beautiful.
Willard Bridgham
November 29, 2014

A mourning dove attempts to escape the cold and ice from last week's storm. Notice his tail is coated in frozen droplets.
Barbara Roosevelt
March 24, 2014

Yellow Hibiscus was taken in Jensen Beach, Florida while I was on vacation.
Barbara Semeiks
March 19, 2014

Five Rivers Nature Preserve was so peaceful on the day we went.  It was too cold for many to be there and it looked so beautiful blanketed in snow.
Julie Miller
March 19, 2014

Squirrel got in the bird feeder and was eating the bird seed.  The cardinal was perplexed and didn't know what to do!
Bruce Jeffers
March 18, 2014

Sunset in Key Largo,09/22/14.Photo taken by Joe Sheehan,Voorheesville.)
Joe Sheehan
February 28, 2014
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